We are a seasonal garden center and farm stand offering a wide variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs, vegetables, and herbs . No matter what your garden needs, we can help. With a knowledgeable staff , we are here from start to finish. 


Annuals complete their life cycle in one season. Although they are short lived they add  color and beauty to your garden

 throughout the growing season. We have a large selection of annuals to fill any space in your garden. 

Flats of 48- ONLY $14.95!


Perennials continue to bring beauty to your garden year after year. We carry hundreds of varieties for sun and shade and can help you to find the perfect one for any location. Whatever your garden plan, from asian garden to prairie, we can help you.

Our perennials are ready to plant-

Starting at only $5.95 or 4 for $20!

Fruits & Vegetables

From Arugula to Zucchini, we have the vegetables you're looking for. 


Culinary, Medicinal, or ornamental- we have a wide variety of herbs for all your needs.