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We are a seasonal garden center and farm market open April- October. Visit us today to get your garden started or call us at 860-623-2333 with any questions you may have.

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Our hours are 9am - 7pm daily 

Our Vision

We are here to help you plan a beautiful garden. Whether you're planting annuals for loads of color or perennials and shrubs for a low maintenance garden year after year, we can help. If it's a vegetable garden that you'r planning, or herbs for your culinary masterpieces, we have it. Stop in today and say hello.

Spring garden checklist
Green Garden

Get your garden ready for spring.The winter months are a great time to take inventory of your garden area and get it ready for spring planting.These ideas will get your garden planting ready.

  • April- Plant Summer Bulbs. Get warm-weather bulbs, like dahlias, off to a solid start by planting them in pots before the ground is warm enough for planting. 

  • May- Add Compost to Beds. Apply a 2- to 3-inch-thick layer around the base of plants. Take care not to bury any new sprouts. If possible, apply compost before rain, which will help settle it into place.

  • May-Hook Up Hoses- C

  • heck for leaks and get ready for when you need to water.

  • March- Sharpen Cutting Tools.This can be done at any point during the off- season. Get your tools ready now so they're ready when you need them.

  • April- Clean Up Beds. Remove any debris from the winter months and let your beds breathe fro the spring months.

  • March-Cut back perennials that didn't get cut back in the fall. 

  • April- Cool weather seeds. We all get excited when spring comes around. It's not to early to sow lettuce, alyssum, Kale, or broccoli. 

  • May- Fill Birdbaths and welcome back the wildlife to your yard.

  • April- Mulch garden beds. After the debris is cleaned up, mulch your beds for a fresh spring look.


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